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New resources and trials – summary

Francine C Wood11 August 2014

For more information and regular updates about new resources and trials, please see our Electronic Resources Blog.

New Resource

  • PsycTESTS. Focuses primarily on unpublished tests, developed by researchers but not made commercially available. Records link to materials describing the test in peer-reviewed literature, technical reports, or dissertations and related peer-reviewed literature describing test development, review, or use.
  • Our PsycBOOKS subscription now includes access to a number of new titles and the full text of all volumes in the APA Handbooks in Psychology Series, including: Addiction, Behavior Analysis, Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Ethics in Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Multicultural Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality, Research Methods in Psychology, Sexuality and Psychology, Testing and Assessment in Psychology.  Access will soon be available via www.ucl.ac.uk/library/explore.  Please let me know if you have any problems accessing material.

Resource Trials

With thanks to Sarah Gilmore.

The SFX outage scheduled for Sunday 11th May has now been cancelled

Francine C Wood8 May 2014

Students and staff will have received an email this week from the UCL Explore Team regarding an pending SFX outage.   Please be advised that the SFX outage which was scheduled for this Sunday 11th May, has now been cancelled.

You can email me with any questions at  f.wood@ucl.ac.uk.

New electronic resources

Francine C Wood11 April 2014

Regular updates about new ejournals, ebooks and databases are published on our electronic resources blog; these recent announcements may be of particular interest.

New resources:

  • UCL now has access to a number of Thieme journal backfiles from Volume 1. For a list of titles please see the Thieme backfiles blog post.

Trial access:

Please email me at f.wood@ucl.ac.uk to share your feedback.

Spotlight: Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

Lisa K Flint1 November 2013

els-logoeLS features over 5,000 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed and citable articles in the life sciences and is an essential resource for students. Articles are written by leaders in the field to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage of each subject area. It is published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Subject areas include

And themes include..

Follow the links from Explore or the Library e-resources pages. Give it a try!

New features on Explore

Lisa K Flint29 July 2013

Explore has now been upgraded with many new features.  These include:

–          Browse the catalogue by author, title, subject and classmark

–          New options in Advanced Search

–          Personalised relevance ranking option

–          Link to citing articles in Web of Science

The online help has been updated at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/library/explore-help-top.shtml. Do familiarise yourselves with the new features.

Just a reminder that we will say goodbye to eUCLid on the 1st August, please use our Explore service instead.


New e-books added for Biosciences

Lisa K Flint2 May 2013

dawsonLogoA new selection of e-books have been added to our colection, they include the following

Essential medical statistics Betty R. Kirkwood, Jonathan A.C. Sterne. –  2nd ed.

Curiosity : how science became interested in everything / Philip Ball.

Physiology at a glance Jeremy P.T. Ward, Roger W.A. Linden. –  3rd ed.

The renal system at a glance C.A. O’Callaghan. –  3rd ed.

Embryology at a glance. S. Webster.

The cardiovascular system at a glance / Philip I. Aaronson, Jeremy P.T. Ward, Michelle J. Connelly. –  4th ed.

The major transitions in evolution. John Maynard Smith and Eörs Szathmáry.

Singularities Landmarks on the Pathways of Life / Christian de Duve.

Oxygen the molecule that made the world / Nick Lane.

Essential developmental biology Jonathan M.W. Slack. –  3rd ed.

An introduction to cardiovascular physiology / J. Rodney Levick. –  5th ed.

New e-books added for Biosciences

Lisa K Flint11 February 2013

The library has recently subscribed to some new e-books for Biosciences. Follow the links on Explore for more information. New e-books include:

Principles of renal physiology / Christopher J. Lote.  Christopher J. LoteNew York ; London : Springer 5th ed.. c2012 Christopher J. Lote New York ; London : Springer 5th ed.. c2012

Development of the nervous system / Dan H. Sanes, Thomas A. Reh, William A. Harris.  Amsterdam ; Academic, London 3rd ed.. c2012

Neuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance / Roger A. Barker, Francesca Cicchetti ; and neuropharmacology by Michael J. Neal.  Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell 4th ed.. 2012.

Medical microbiology and infection at a glance / Stephen H. Gillespie, Kathleen B. Bamford.  S. H. Gillespie Kathleen B Bamford Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell 4th ed.. 2012.

Neurobiology of mental illness / edited by Dennis S. Charney, Eric J. Nestler ; section editors, Eric J. Nestler … [et al.]. Dennis S Charney; Eric J Nestler (Eric Jonathan), 1954- Oxford : Oxford University Press 3rd ed.. c2009


Introducing Rich Pictures from Macmillan Cancer Support

Lisa K Flint23 January 2013

Introducing a new free resource from Macmillan Cancer Support. They have produced a set of 15 ‘Rich Pictures’ which summarise the numbers, needs and experiences of people affected by cancer. Each Rich Picture document summarises cancer data and evidence and brings it to life with real quotes and case studies as well as looking at media perceptions.
They will be useful for students of medicine, nursing, social work, health management and others.
There are 11 Rich Pictures by cancer type:
• Breast cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Colorectal cancer
• Malignant melanoma
• Bladder cancer
• Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
• Cancer of the uterus
• Head and neck cancer
• Lung cancer
• Cervical cancer
• Rarer cancers
There are also Rich Pictures on:
• Older people with cancer
• People of working age living with cancer
• Carers of people with cancer
• People at the end of life
They are available as pdfs and can be freely downloaded from Macmillan’s website for inclusion in library catalogues, LMSs or VLEs:

Happy new year.. happy new reading list?

Lisa K Flint17 January 2013

As term gets into full swing I just thought I would highlight our online reading lists, available from Library Services. We can set up any lists online, and I am happy for both students and staff to let me know if there is a list which you would like to be made available.

The lists available for Biosciences include http://readinglists.ucl.ac.uk/divisions/biosc_lif.html

Likewise if there are any new texts, or not enough copies of existing ones, please let me know!



NEW TRIAL – Elsevier Textbooks

Lisa K Flint30 November 2012

UCL has a trial of Elsevier Health Sciences eTextbooks until 31 January 2013.

This package includes access to over 200 medical titles, including lots of undergradute texts.

UCL users will be authenticated automatically if accessing from the UCL network. Off-site, please use the Institutional Login option. Users from UCL’s affiliated NHS trusts will have access through NHS Athens.

Please send feedback on this resource to ejournals@ucl.ac.uk