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New e-books added for Biosciences

By Lisa K Flint, on 2 May 2013

dawsonLogoA new selection of e-books have been added to our colection, they include the following

Essential medical statistics Betty R. Kirkwood, Jonathan A.C. Sterne. –  2nd ed.

Curiosity : how science became interested in everything / Philip Ball.

Physiology at a glance Jeremy P.T. Ward, Roger W.A. Linden. –  3rd ed.

The renal system at a glance C.A. O’Callaghan. –  3rd ed.

Embryology at a glance. S. Webster.

The cardiovascular system at a glance / Philip I. Aaronson, Jeremy P.T. Ward, Michelle J. Connelly. –  4th ed.

The major transitions in evolution. John Maynard Smith and Eörs Szathmáry.

Singularities Landmarks on the Pathways of Life / Christian de Duve.

Oxygen the molecule that made the world / Nick Lane.

Essential developmental biology Jonathan M.W. Slack. –  3rd ed.

An introduction to cardiovascular physiology / J. Rodney Levick. –  5th ed.

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