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New e-books added for Biosciences

By Lisa K Flint, on 11 February 2013

The library has recently subscribed to some new e-books for Biosciences. Follow the links on Explore for more information. New e-books include:

Principles of renal physiology / Christopher J. Lote.  Christopher J. LoteNew York ; London : Springer 5th ed.. c2012 Christopher J. Lote New York ; London : Springer 5th ed.. c2012

Development of the nervous system / Dan H. Sanes, Thomas A. Reh, William A. Harris.  Amsterdam ; Academic, London 3rd ed.. c2012

Neuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance / Roger A. Barker, Francesca Cicchetti ; and neuropharmacology by Michael J. Neal.  Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell 4th ed.. 2012.

Medical microbiology and infection at a glance / Stephen H. Gillespie, Kathleen B. Bamford.  S. H. Gillespie Kathleen B Bamford Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell 4th ed.. 2012.

Neurobiology of mental illness / edited by Dennis S. Charney, Eric J. Nestler ; section editors, Eric J. Nestler … [et al.]. Dennis S Charney; Eric J Nestler (Eric Jonathan), 1954- Oxford : Oxford University Press 3rd ed.. c2009


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