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Archive for June 15th, 2012

Important changes to PubMed SFX links

Lisa K Flint15 June 2012

There has been a change to the arrangements for SFX linking in PubMed, to provide search options where full-text is not available, and to ensure that users see up to date, real-time information about full-text availability.

Instead of the UCL filter, you will now see an SFX link at the top right of the abstract screen in every PubMed record. When you click on the SFX button, you’ll either see a link (or links) to the full text, or a statement that the full text isn’t available. In the latter case, you can check UCL’s print holdings, and you can also check holdings in other libraries.

This means that there is now no longer an option for a UCL filter. You can use UCL’s custom URL – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?otool=iukucllib – to access the version of PubMed containing SFX links, or you can use the link to PubMed in the databases list. Alternatively, you can configure your PubMed preferences to show SFX links. To do so:

-clear any UCL filter in your personal MyNCBI account
-select NCBI Site Preferences at the top right of the MyNCBI screen
-under PubMed Preferences, click on Outside Tool.
-click the radio button next to University College London – SFX, then Save.