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Henry Stewart talks – new talks added

By Lisa K Flint, on 27 May 2009


Two new series have been added to the Biomedical and Life Sciences collection. They are ‘The Cell Division Cycle’ and ‘Obesity: latest developments in the field’. The following talks are included:

1. START control in yeast
Prof. Curt Wittenberg – The Scripps Research Institute, USA

2. The pRB/E2F pathway
Prof. Jacqueline Lees – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

3. Cell cycle control by the ubiquitin system in mammals
Prof. Michele Pagano – Department of Pathology, NYU Cancer Institute, USA

4. Replication licensing
Prof. Julian Blow – Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression, University of Dundee, UK

5. Initiation of DNA replication
Prof. Bruce Stillman – Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

6. Nucleosome assembly during DNA replication
Dr. Alain Verreault – University of Montreal, Canada

7. Sister chromatid cohesion: simple concept, complex reality
Prof. Douglas Koshland – Carnegie Institute of Sciences and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA

8. Centrosome duplication and separation in animal cells
Prof. Andrew Fry – University of Leicester, UK

9. Bipolar spindle assembly
Dr. Eric Karsenti – EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

10. Chromosome biorientation in yeast
Prof. Mike Stark – University of Dundee, UK

11. Regulation of mammalian cell division by the chromosomal passenger complex
Dr. Susanne Lens – University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands

12. Cleavage furrow formation and ingression during animal cytokinesis
Dr. Pier Paolo D’Avino – University of Cambridge, UK

13. The DNA damage response
Dr. Vincenzo Costanzo – Cancer Research UK, UK

14. The spindle checkpoint
Dr. Kevin Hardwick – University of Edinburgh, UK

15. Spindle movement and checkpoint control during mitosis in yeast
Prof. John Cooper – Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, USA

16. The G2/M transition
Prof. Dr. Rene Medema – University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands

17. Mouse models to investigate cell cycle and cancer
Dr. Philipp Kaldis – Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore

18. Cell cycle: a complex network of signals regulating cell proliferation
Prof. Antonio Giordano – Temple University, USA

19. Drug discovery and target validation in the p53 pathway
Prof. Sir David Lane – University of Dundee, UK and Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore

20. Role and regulation of Cdk inhibitors in development and cancer
Prof. Martine Roussel – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA

21. The kinetochore as a target for the development of mitosis specific anti-cancer drugs
Dr. Tim Yen – Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, USA

22. Recombination and the formation of chiasmata in meiosis
Prof. Matthew Whitby – University of Oxford, UK

23. Genomic regulation of kinetochore orientation
Prof. Yoshinori Watanabe – Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, University of Tokyo, Japan

And for ‘Obesity: latest developments in the field’:

1. Body composition
Dr. Steven Heymsfield – Global Director, Scientific Affairs, Merck & Co, USA

2. Adipose tissue metabolism and obesity
Dr. Max Lafontan – INSERM, Paul Sabatier University, France

3. Gastrointestinal peptides and food intake regulation
Prof. Stephen Bloom – Imperial College London, UK

4. Energy expenditure in the lean and obese
Prof. Dale Schoeller – University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

5.Obesity and adiponectin
Prof. Philip Scherer – University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

6. Ectopic fat: causes, consequences and treatment
Prof. Steven Smith – Pennington Biomedical Research Center, USA

7. Bariatric surgery: techniques and mechanisms of action
Prof. Walter Pories – East Carolina University, USA

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