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Archive for September, 2008

New ejournals

Anna Di Iorio8 September 2008

Cover from ‘Integrative and Comparative Biology’ (Copyright © 2008 The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology)These biomedical and life sciences ejournals are now available to UCL users:

Wiley-Blackwell backfiles – Genetics and Evolution

Anna Di Iorio8 September 2008

Cover from ‘American Journal of Human Biology’ (Copyright © 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc., A Wiley Company)UCL staff and students have now access to a number of Wiley-Blackwell backfile collections, including Genetics and Evolution. This package contains more than 92 years of digitized back-issue content across the following leading journal titles:

Additional Wiley-Blackwell backfiles:

Sage backfiles

Anna Di Iorio8 September 2008

Cover from ‘The Neuroscientist’ (Copyright © 2008 by SAGE Publications)UCL users have now access to the following Sage backfiles:

The American Journal of Sports Medicine Vol. 1, 1972-
Journal of Health Psychology Vol. 1, 1996-
The Neuroscientist Vol. 1, 1995- 

Author searching in OvidSP multi-field search

Anna Di Iorio8 September 2008

The OvidSP multi-field search option does not work properly if you select ‘Author(s)’ and only enter the author’s surname.


To do a multi-field search for an author regardless of first names or initials, you need to enter the author’s last name followed by a space and then the truncation symbol $. 

Currently, the truncation symbol * does not work when you enter it after a space, but should work in future. 

Searching for the author ‘smith $’ in the multi-field search mode will retrieve any authors with surname smith, smithus, smithwick etc., regardless of first names or initials.

We are aware of the fact that many users are accustomed to surname-only searching and have passed the information to OvidSP, so this may change in future.


Screen shot of an author search using the OvidSP multi-field search option (Copyright © 2000-2008 Ovid Technologies, Inc.)

Database changes

Anna Di Iorio8 September 2008

OvidSP (Copyright © 2000-2008 Ovid Technologies, Inc.)A number of the bibliographic databases to which Library Services subscribes have moved to a new interface, OvidSP, from 28 August. The databases involved include:

  • AMED
  • Biotechnology Abstracts  
  • HMIC
  • Medline
  • PsycInfo

The links in the Library’s database list have been updated.

Users are advised to update any personal bookmarks they may have for these databases, as the old access routes will be switched off on 30 September.

Saved searches will not be transferred automatically – they must be recreated on the new platform. To view your saved searches in the old interface, go to http://erl-server.ucl.ac.uk for all databases except PsycInfo, which can be found at the ARC2 service.

If you have any queries about searching the databases in their new form, please email me or ask at an Enquiry Desk.