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Author searching in OvidSP multi-field search

By Anna Di Iorio, on 8 September 2008

The OvidSP multi-field search option does not work properly if you select ‘Author(s)’ and only enter the author’s surname.


To do a multi-field search for an author regardless of first names or initials, you need to enter the author’s last name followed by a space and then the truncation symbol $. 

Currently, the truncation symbol * does not work when you enter it after a space, but should work in future. 

Searching for the author ‘smith $’ in the multi-field search mode will retrieve any authors with surname smith, smithus, smithwick etc., regardless of first names or initials.

We are aware of the fact that many users are accustomed to surname-only searching and have passed the information to OvidSP, so this may change in future.


Screen shot of an author search using the OvidSP multi-field search option (Copyright © 2000-2008 Ovid Technologies, Inc.)

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