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Archive for August, 2008

MEDLINE now available on Web of Knowledge

Anna Di Iorio6 August 2008

Web of Knowledge (Copyright © 2008 The Thomson Corporation)

As from 1st August 2008, Medline (1950-present) is now freely available on the ISI Web of Knowledge platform for all JISC subscribed institutions, including UCL.

This will enable users at these institutions to access MEDLINE with the added value of Web of Knowledge citation data and navigation.

In addition, the ‘All Databases’ feature will allow users to simultaneously search MEDLINE and other subscribed Web of Knowledge resources.

 Please leave a comment or email me if you require further information. Alternatively you can email the Web of Knowledge helpdesk at wok@mimas.ac.uk.


Anna Di Iorio1 August 2008

JoVE (Copyright © JoVE 2006-2008)A JoVE representative has recently contacted the UCL Library to ask if we would be interested in subscribing to their journal.

 JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) is a peer reviewed online journal devoted to the publication of biological research in video format. See www.jove.com for more information.

JoVE articles are best viewed on a standalone computer as the streaming is quite slow on WTS.

JoVE has been freely available since October 2006, but will soon become a subscription resource. Please leave a comment or email me if you think that UCL should consider subscribing to the journal.