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Change in access to Library e-resources

By Anna Di Iorio, on 18 July 2008

Zetoc (Copyright © Zetoc) 

A small number of electronic resources which currently require an Athens login (using UCL username and password) will change their login mechanism from 31st July 2008.

Affected resources include Zetoc (journal tables of contents and email alerts) and CrossFire (chemistry), plus some geography tools (Digimap, Landmap, Go-Geo!) and Film and Sound Online.

After 31st July, the Athens login button will disappear. You will see instead only a login button labelled  ‘Login via UK federation’.  You will then need to select UCL from a list of UK institutions, before entering your UCL username and password as usual at the UCL login screen.

For Zetoc and CrossFire, you should continue to select UCL from the list of universities on the login screen:  you will be migrated to a new account on these systems.  For instructions on how to transfer saved alerts or search results from your old account, see the information at www.ucl.ac.uk/Library/e-res_servspec.shtml.

 You must do this before 31st July. After this date you will need to re-create alerts from scratch and you will lose any saved search results.

Please report any problems via the form at www.ucl.ac.uk/Library/e-res_prob.shtml.

In addition, you will start to see alternative login buttons (Login via UK federation; Login via your home institution) appearing alongside the Athens login for other library e-resources. 

We recommend that you start to use these buttons in preference to the Athens login. This approach will remain optional until at least summer 2009, but in due course Athens login will be discontinued

Whichever login route you choose, you will be returned to the UCL login screen to enter your UCL computer username and password.

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