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Call for online reading lists

By Anna Di Iorio, on 11 June 2008

Reading list itemsThe UCL Library Services Teaching & Learning Support Section (TLSS) provides a digital course reading service, comprising online reading lists and digital readings.

We are keen to expand this service for new and existing users for the next academic year (2008-2009).  

1. Reading lists

Division of Bioscience teaching staff are invited to email me with copies of reading lists, or to send them directly to TLSS.

Prompt submission of reading lists before the deadline (8 weeks before the start of term) will enable us to process and identify any new or additional stock that needs to be purchased, and add your list to the online system.

To assist us in this task, it would be helpful if the following information is provided for each list:

  • an indication if the reading list is an updated version of an existing list or a completely new list;
  • lecturer’s name, course title, module code and which term the list is for (term 1, 2 or the whole year);
  • approximate numbers of how many students will be enrolled on the course, and level of course, i.e. 1st year undergraduate, MA;
  • an indication of essential and supplementary readings.

The online reading list system is available to registered UCL students and staff only. 

2. Digital Readings

In addition to the reading list service, we are also keen to provide digital course readings where possible, especially items that are located within the current Teaching Collection, and/or those that fall within the remit of our Copyright Licensing Agency licence.

Please email TLSS with copies of essential items you would like digitised, and we will provide advice as to how best to process the material for the beginning of term.

If you can get your list to TLSS by the deadline (8 weeks before the start of term), they will add it to the online system and check all of the core readings to see which ones can be digitised.

3. New developments

The TLSS homepage has recently been updated to include more information about the service, and also an option for students to alert TLSS to lists that are unavailable.

Upon receiving this notification, TLSS will contact the lecturer for the course (copying in myself as the Subject Librarian) to request a list and will then add any lists received at the earliest opportunity.  Please see http://ls-tlss.ucl.ac.uk.

Lecturer access to the system has now been enabled. This means that individual lecturers will be able to make updates and alterations to lists that they ‘own’ within the system after receiving training from TLSS. Please email June Hedges or Pam Clarke if you are interested in this option.

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