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Archive for May 21st, 2008


Anna Di Iorio21 May 2008

ImageBank (Copyright Mark Levesley © Mark Levesley; Gordon Beakes © University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Aurora Levesley © Aurora Levesley)

The Centre for Bioscience ImageBank is a shared database of biological images. With due acknowledgement, images are free and copyright cleared for educational use.

The images are contributed by academics, researchers, learned societies, the industry and individuals. All images undergo a validation process by Centre for Bioscience staff.

Users are able to search for images based on keywords or browse within a wide range of bioscience subject areas. Images can then be downloaded along with informative descriptive text provided by the contributor. ImageBank also offers reviews of, and links to existing bioscience image databases.

ImageBank welcomes image contributions. Details on how to contribute are given on the website.

New ejournal packages

Anna Di Iorio21 May 2008

Mary Ann Liebert (Copyright © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.)   IOS Press (Copyright © IOS Press)           

UCL Library Services is pleased to let you know that we now have electronic access to all the journals published by Mary Ann Liebert.  Subjects covered include biotechnology, biomedical research and life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, environmental science and sustainability. A list of titles is available online.

In addition, we now have electronic access to all the IOS Press journals, covering a range of scientific areas, including chemistry, computer science, engineering and technology, environmental science, life sciences, mathematics and medicine.  Follow the link to see the list of journals

All the titles in these packages have been added to the UCL Library Services ejournals list and to the UCL Library catalogue.