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By Anna Di Iorio, on 14 April 2008

BIOBASE Biological Databases (Copyright © 1999-2007 BIOBASE Biological Databases)UCL Library Services is pleased to let you know that we have a trial for the BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL) and ExPlain.

The BKL offers rich, high-quality content and integrated analysis tools spanning gene regulation and pathways to fully annotated genomes. It includes:
1) TRANSFAC, the gold standard in the field of gene regulation;
2) TRANSPATH, the world’s leading signal transduction pathway database;
3) PROTEOME, a suite of six protein databases (YPD, HumanPSD, WormPD, GPCR-PD, MycoPath PD and PombePD) known to be the most comprehensive data collection on proteins available.

The ExPlain analysis system promotes biological interpretation of high throughput experiments like microarrays, proteomic data and ChIP-chip experiments.

 The trial runs from 14th April to 13th May 2008. Please email me if you would like to obtain login details.

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