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Trial access to Early Church Texts

By Jes E Cooban, on 25 February 2016

UCL has trial access to Early Church Texts until 4th March 20Papyrus_Bodmer_VIII16. An individual username and password is required for access, please see the UCL e-resources password page.

Early Church Texts is an extensive resource for the study of early Christianity. Offering extensive links to information on around 800 people and themes, and around 230 Church Councils, from the first five centuries of church history.

It contains 225+ carefully prepared on-site texts (original language with English translation alongside) from the first five centuries of the life of the Church; and also gives easy access to complete Greek and Latin texts which are in the public domain and translations (where found available) from the first five centuries.

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian.


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