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Reminder: saving from Explore Access Points

Margaret Stone9 December 2014

A quick reminder about the process of saving to USB stick from the Explore Access Points, and some hints and tips.

  • It is possible to save to a USB stick from any Explore Access Point (EAP).  Users should however observe the terms and conditions displayed via the link on the EAP homepage.  These include copyright guidance.
  • A few e-resources are only licensed for UCL members – these will present a UCL  login box when accessed via the EAPs.
  • Occasionally, a user’s USB stick may not be compatible with the EAP and will therefore not show up as available in the ‘Save’ dialogue box.  In this case, the user is able to purchase a basic USB stick at the nearest issue desk.
  • Journals from some publishers may take some time to download for viewing in the PDF viewer.  In these cases, we advise users to try and save direct to their USB stick for later viewing.  During the save process, it is possible to monitor progress to ensure the whole file is downloaded.  There is also an ‘Open’ button on the EAPs which users may like to try in order to view the downloaded file on the EAP.  See the help on downloading to USB.
  • If there are problems with a particular publisher’s resources which cannot be fixed as above, please use the problem report form to notify staff in the E-resources and Digital Libraries teams.