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The Director’s View: NSS results 2016

Paul Ayris9 August 2016

NSS results 2016

On 10 August, the 2016 NSS (National Student Survey) scores were published. The NSS is possibly the most important survey that assesses UK Higher Education; it will form a key component of the new TEF (Teaching Equality Framework).

Lincoln Cathedral - Bishop's Eye

Lincoln Cathedral – Bishop’s Eye

All Universities eye these results with care because so much of their reputation depends on a good outcome. NSS surveys are taken by third year undergraduates in UK Higher Education institutions. How did UCL fare in the 2016 survey? UCL’s response rate overall was 79%, which was up on the previous year. Overall, UCL scored an 85% satisfaction rate, which was 1% up on the previous year.

Q16 is the Library question, where respondents are asked about the usefulness of the Library and its services: The Library resources and services are good enough for my needs. UCL Library Services scored an 88% satisfaction rating in the 2016 NSS (the same as in 2015) against a sector average of 87%. This compares with a score of 85% for the equivalent question in the recent PTES (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey). Detailed breakdown of the scores at Departmental level will be received soon, as will the detailed comments from students where they have recorded their experience of using UCL Library Services.

What were the three highest scoring questions for the whole of UCL in the 2016 NSS survey? Here they are:

  • Staff are good at explaining things – 89%
  • The course is intellectually stimulating – 88%
  • The Library resources and services are good enough for my needs – 88%

So the Library question (q16 in the NSS) scored the second highest mark at the top level of all 23 questions in the NSS. What scored the lowest? It was a group of 5 questions around assessment and feedback, which together scored only a 64% satisfaction rating.

LASS - UCL Language and Speech Science Library

LASS – UCL Language and Speech Science Library

The Library has once again done incredibly well in achieving such a fantastic score in what is a survey of national significance. Everyone who is a member of staff in the Library has contributed to this significant success and this is something that should be celebrated by the whole of UCL. Of course, we hope for even better scores next time – with a target of a mark of at least 90%.

Thank you for all your efforts to make the Library such a remarkable place in which our students, researchers and users can work.

Paul Ayris

Director of UCL Library Services