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Alma project update sessions

Margaret Stone21 May 2018

A series of ‘drop-in’ sessions will be held over the next few weeks to give Library staff the opportunity to come and meet the project team and raise any question they may have.  These sessions will focus on an overview of the project, the schedule for the remaining months, and an opportunity to register queries.  They won’t cover detailed functional matters, but please feel free to raise any question and if an answer cannot be given at the time, we will follow up with you afterwards.

Each session will last 30 minutes and then be repeated.

The first sessions have been arranged at the below locations and are open to anyone.

  • Wednesday 23 May – School of Pharmacy 1400-1430 and 1430-1500 (room B37)
  • Tuesday 5 June – Science Library 1000-1030 and 1030-1100 (room 417)
  • Wednesday 13 June – Science Library 1300-1330 and 1330-1400 (room 417)

Feel free to contact the project team at any time via the project inbox: isd.lmsproject@ucl.ac.uk

Project update

Spring has sprung, birds have returned and the Alma project team have gone through a migration of their own.

We are pleased to announce that the test data migration from Aleph to Alma has been completed.  The Digital Libraries team and the functional leads have entered a phase of testing and configuration of the new environment.

In parallel, training material demonstrating the new workflows and using the new terminology will be created, and staff training is being planned.

Training sessions for each functional area will be coordinated in collaboration with the project team and team managers.  Separate communications will be issued soon with more details.

Thank you again for your support and participation.


Future of the Library Management System

Margaret Stone14 November 2016

Aleph question markSome of you may have been wondering what has happened to the plans to replace the Aleph library management system with a more modern, innovative system.  We’re continuing to plan for this, but our funding is linked to ISD budget rounds.  We were unsuccessful in 2016/17, against a strong field of larger Professional Services projects, but will bid again in 2017/18.  We will find out the result in the summer term of 2017, with a new system planned to be in place by summer 2018 if funding is awarded.  We aim to involve colleagues from across Library Services in the procurement process but in the meantime, as ever, do send any queries or suggestions about the LMS to the Digital Libraries Team (digital-library-support at ucl.ac.uk).