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LibNet migration to Drupal

Chris Carrington4 November 2019

On Tuesday 5th November, our LibNet Intranet site is being migrated from the current Content Management System, Silva, into the UCL’s new CMS, Drupal.

Throughout the day LibNet should be considered “at risk” and there may be periods of downtime for the site.

What’s changed?

Essentially, only the mechanics behind the site have changed and the pages will look very much like their current state. The migration is not a redesign.

However, the authentication in Drupal is different so you may notice changes in logging in to the site. For example, the home page does not require a login. Also, PDFs and Word documents have been moved into a new SharePoint area which requires a separate UCL login. All links have been updated where relevant.

The move to Drupal should also see better performance of the site and end the recent outages we’ve seen.

Reporting problems

Should you notice any problems on Tuesday there is no need to report them. We expect the site to run normally from Wednesday 6th November. From Wednesday if you experience any problems using the site, please report them to lib-websupport@ucl.ac.uk

Updating web pages

Assigning author rights to colleagues will be reviewed in due course. For the time being, if you require an update to your LibNet pages please email lib-websupport@ucl.ac.uk

Have your say on the design of the new LibNet

Karen Flood31 October 2017

From the new year, we’ll have a brand new LibNet with refreshed content and a new look and feel. The fabulous Chris Carrington in the Digital Libraries team has been working away on the designs and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

We have put together five colour schemes to choose from (images below). Which one is your favourite?

Do you have any comments on the designs?

(Please note: The header pictures are examples only. If you have any suggestions do let us know!)

Please complete the online survey by Monday 20 November to help us to create a digital space you would love to use.

The final five

Click on a screenshot to view it full size.


Home page, green

Home page, green

Other page, green

Other page, green


Home page, orange

Home page, orange

Other-page, orange

Other page, orange


Home page, pink

Home page, pink

Other page, pink

Other page, pink


Home page, stone

Home page, stone

Other page, stone

Other page, stone


Home page, yellow

Home page, yellow

Other page, yellow

Other page, yellow

Once you’ve chosen your favourite you can complete the online survey.

Some web services unavailable, 08:00 Thursday 1st June

Chris Carrington30 May 2017

On Thursday 1st June ISD are performing maintenance on the UCL MySQL service, between 08:00 – 08:30.
MySQL is the online database that a number of our websites connect to.

During this period a number of services will not work:

Library public website

  • A-Z of the library web page
  • Current seating availability (this includes LCD screens that show current seat availability also)
  • Store request form

Where possible, alternative versions will be shown.


  • Staff directory

Internal library systems

  • Space availability admin: Colleagues will not be able to add headcounts to the system
  • Keys database: All functionality unavailable. E.g. no issuing/returning keys, searching for loan records.
  • Incident reporting database: All functionality unavailable. E.g. adding/deleting/amending an infringement, running reports, searching the database

Full details of the outage are on the ISD website.

If you have any questions please contact us at lib-websupport@ucl.ac.uk