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Planned disruption to Library Stores Service

Rozz Evans28 March 2018

There will be building work taking place at the Wickford store shortly to change and lower the lights in the east warehouse. The work will start on 16th April and it is scheduled to last for 12-15 weeks. Scaffolding will be erected between the shelves and the books and journals on the shelves will be inaccessible while the scaffolding is in place. The scaffolding is going to be erected in 4 sections with each section being inaccessible for 3-4 weeks.

We will be offering free inter-library loans for material we can’t supply from Store due to the building work. Store requests for inaccessible books and journals will be sent to the Inter-Lending Team in the Science Library. A note has already been added to the store request form and the Store Service web pages to alert library users that there may be delays with the store service.

This will therefore affect some store requests for material held in the east warehouse (broadly listed below) from Friday 13th April.

Material held in the east warehouse:

Journals (including UKRR retained holdings), except most SSEES journals

Uncatalogued books (SSEES uncatalogued books are in the west warehouse)

Little Magazines

Classified books (Oversized Classified Sequence are in the west warehouse)

Running date books from 95-01 to 07-0312

RNID books

Poetry Store books

Folklore Society books (all except FLS large books which are in the west warehouse)

Folklore Society journals

Law reports/abstracts

Law Treaties/Statutes/Reports

Parliamentary Debates

Records Office boxes (these are shelved in both the east and west warehouses)

Please note that service for material held in the west warehouse is unaffected by this work.

If you have any further questions please contact Andy Dawson, Site Manager, Wickford j.a.dawson@ucl.ac.uk