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New look for the blog

Chris Carrington25 April 2016

If you’ve looked at the LibNet blog this week already then you will have noticed (hopefully) that something is quite different.

At the end of last week we applied UCL’s Indigo template to the blog. Indigo is ISD’s new web template that is being implemented across UCL websites.

Some of the immediate advantages of the template are:

  • It is responsive; this means the pages adapt for mobile and tablet
  • The text is larger
  • There is more space on screen

Does this change how I write a blog post?

In short, no. Underneath the new look and feel, WordPress is unchanged. Once you log in to the blog admin everything is the same as before.

In addition to the login link at the foot of the page, we’ve included another login link inside the right column of the page, underneath the “Subscribe to the blog” section.

Moving forward

Currently, only one colour scheme has been added to the blog templates so for the time being we’re stuck with the colour we have now.

Assuming ISD add further colours, we will then look to apply the template to our other Library Services blogs.