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Invitation to the launch of the UCL campaign

Benjamin Meunier10 August 2016

The Provost is inviting all UCL staff to the launch of the Campaign for UCL. Do join in if you can by registering online. I have also added information below if you wish to help to promote the event:

Campaign launch

Philanthropy founded UCL as a home for disruptive thinkers. Nearly 200 years later, please join the latest generation of rebels and iconoclasts to debate how their work is shaping how we live in this century and beyond. This major event brings together some of UCL’s star researchers, including the UK’s first Breakthrough Prize winner neuroscientist John Hardy, international human rights expert Philippe Sands, space scientist Lucie Green, and social anthropologist Henrietta L Moore, to envision what the next century will bring. It marks the launch of a new global Campaign for UCL which will raise philanthropic funding and engage people worldwide to advance our world-changing research and nurture the next generation of rebels with a cause.  I look forward to seeing you then.

Warm wishes,

Professor Michael Arthur DM FRCP FMedSci FPHEA

UCL President & Provost

Thursday 15 September 2016

6pm Event begins

7.30pm Reception

Logan Hall UCL Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL




Help to promote the Campaign launch

If you would like, you are welcome to add the Campaign banner to your signature. If you wish to do this, please follow the instructions below:

campaign banner

How to embed the email banner


  1. Click on the new Email button to create a new message
  2. On the MESSAGE tab, click on SIGNATURE – Signatures
  3. On your signature, under your contact details, PASTE the image above
  4. Select the image and click the HYPERLINK button

campaign banner instructions 1

5. A new window will open. PASTE the following URL on ‘Address’ and click OK – https://aoc.ucl.ac.uk/alumni/Campaign-Events/Home

campaign banner instructions 2

Campaign Countdown: Invitation to a Town Hall event about philanthropy at UCL

Benjamin Meunier11 May 2016


An Invitation from the UCL Development and Alumni Relations Office:

In September 2016 UCL will be launching the biggest philanthropic Campaign in our history. We aim to raise more money and engage more people with UCL and our work than ever before. We want you to be one of the first to hear about it.

At this event, UCL staff will get a preview of the Campaign’s four key themes and its bold branding in advance of the Campaign public launch in September.  

As well as introducing the Campaign, the event will also give an insight into the vital role that philanthropy plays in enabling UCL to achieve its global ambitions, with a panel of speakers including one of our most generous donors, a current student who has benefited from a philanthropic scholarship, and an academic whose work has been advanced through supporter engagement and philanthropy. 

It will be hosted by Provost & President, Professor Michael Arthur, and Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Lori Houlihan. 

Everyone is invited and we’d love to reach as many staff as possible, so please do share this invitation widely through your UCL networks.


The event will be held in the Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building on Thursday 16 June, starting at 3pm with a drinks reception from 4.30pm.

To find out more and book your place, please visit our booking page.


If you are not able to attend this event, but would like more information about the Campaign, please email UCLcampaign@ucl.ac.uk with any questions or to be added to our Campaign mailing list.