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Changes to Fire Safety Training for UCL Managed Sites

Jay Woodhouse16 September 2014

UCL are changing the way that we manage fire safety and training. It is important that all staff are aware of the changes and ensure they have followed the procedures below.

Rather than having annual fire refresher training, both of individual safety and Fire Evacuation Marshelling (FEM), UCL is now grading buildings by their risk levels. There will be three levels, and these will determine how often staff require basic fire  and FEM training. These levels will also set how often the building Fire Risk Assessment must be refreshed. The levels are as below:

For Level 1 buildings the frequency is 4 years

For Level 2 buildings the frequency is 3 years

For Level 3 buildings the frequency is 2 years

The level of your building can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/estates/maintenance/fire/risk-assessments/ . The majority of Library Services sites are within buildings that are level 2. This means that staff should undertake refresher training in fire safety and FEM every 3 years.

There is a new concept of the UCL Fire Safe Person, who is a member of staff that has completed the UCL Basic Fire Safety e-learning as well as a local familiarization (fire tour) briefing from the department. All staff should complete this training. This course can be found at https://moodle.ucl.ac.uk/ , search for Basic Fire Safety.

The training for FEM will also, from October 2014, be provided via moodle. This on-line course should also be use for refresher training.

FEM training will be supplemented by Toolbox talks, which will be provided by the UCL Fire Safety Team to FEMs at the end of the Fire Drill for your building. If you are a FEM, please attend the fire drill for your building. The dates for the fire drills can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/estates/maintenance/fire/fire-drill-schedule/ .

As this is a new system, we should treat October 2014 as year one for our building schedules. All staff should undertake the Moodle Basic Fire Safety training. From October, all FEMs should undertake the Moodle FEM course as refresher training.

If you have any queries or encounter any issues with the new on-line training please contact me at james.woodhouse@ucl.ac.uk .