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Emergency Vehicle Access South Quadrangle – New Student Centre Works.

Noel Forrester20 September 2018

As part of the New Student Centre works, MACE need to remove access via the Emergency Vehicle Road from Gordon Street to South Quadrangle for a temporary period from THURSDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2018 for 3 weeks.  This means that we cannot provide any fire brigade or ambulance vehicle access during this sensitive period to buildings off the South Quadrangle.

What does this mean – during this period it is recommended that staff / Fire Evacuation Marshals (FEMs) remain extra vigilant to the potential of fire breaking out.

Please find attached a briefing note issued by The UCL Fire Officer.

UCL Estates and the Principal Contractors apologies for any inconvenience that these restrictions may cause your departments but this work is essential for the New Student Centre to progress.  Your cooperation and assistance in all matters of safety is greatly appreciated.



Main Library – Temporary Change to Fire Evacuation Procedures

Jay Woodhouse1 October 2015

Closure of Donaldson Fire Escape Route for Four Weeks from Monday 5th October

Due to essential works within the Belfour Beatty Site there is a need to take out of service the scaffold stair from the Theatre and Donaldson Library temporary escape walkway that feeds into the north Cloister, necessitating for a short period the closure of this fire escape route.

Donaldson Library (Library Services) – the attached risk assessment 005-FRA-DonaldsonLibTempFEClosure-30Sep15 has been undertaken to allow the temporary closure of the fire exist subject to some minor requirements that need be introduced by Library Services in terms of briefing local staff for both during and out of normal working hours;

Start Date – Proposed Monday 05 October 2015 (To be confirmed through WTLR PM);

Duration – works to be completed and fire exist route and temporary stairs to be reinstated with a maximum of 4 weeks;

Jay Woodhouse

Departmental Safety Officer