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Library Communications in Term 2 

simon.bralee.1525 February 2022

Updates about comms from across Library Services. 

Comms Calendar 

We are continuing to coordinate our ”locally-delivered, centrally-coordinated communications model” through the annual communications calendar.  

Please check it and get in touch if there is anything coming up in your sections this term.  

Big campaigns in Term 2 

Library Loves Valentines 

The Campaigns group have coordinated a library wide feedback campaign across all the different sites this term. There’s been some great photos of stalls shared on social media: 

We received 150 pieces of feedback, of which 62% was positive, 22% was negative and 16% was both. The negative feedback is valuable as it allows us to improve our services or respond to customers’ issues. We will collate and follow up on this feedback. 

LGBTQ+ History Month 

The Library Liberating the Collections Group sought book recommendations from across the UCL Community to create an article. Some sites, like the Main Library, created book displays. 

We’ve also commissioned a great article from a student journalist LGBTQ+ History Month: Be inspired by UCL library’s collection. 

We have had positive feedback from colleagues across UCL for this work to support EDI values. 

International Women’s Day 

We are seeking book recommendations from across UCL through a libwizard form which we will compile into an article. We’ve also commissioned an article from a Student Journalist. 

Teams from across Library Services also supported the Stand with Hope campaign (led by colleagues in RIGE). Professor David Price has complimented this collaborative work saying it “exemplifies the collaborative spirit embodied not only within RIGE […] but across the university and beyond.” 

Save your searches 

The Comms Team have worked with Bethan Smith to raise awareness of Explore updates and to ensure users make a record of their saved searches. Assets have been shared on social media, OneLan screens and on the library website. The impact of this campaign will be measured following the implementation of changes in March. 

If you missed it? 

Teams from across Library Services supported a week of activities on social media celebrating UCL Foundation Day, Library Lovers’ Day, Jeremy Bentham’s birthday and the Student Centre’s birthday. This work raises the profile of Library Services with our users and also with other comms colleagues across the university. 

The impetus to celebrate Foundation Day came from Library Services. We shared the World of UCL (published by UCL Press), a blog post from Special Collections and other images (including the Deed of Settlement)  

Colleagues from across the library shared photos from their sites with the UCL Social Media team to celebrate Library Lovers Day which garnered some great comments from students.


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 Coming up in March and April 

  • UCL Sustainability Month 
  • Promoting Dissertation and Research Support  
  • Exams / Assessments Comms  


Updates from the sub-groups 

Three sub-groups will help coordinate comms activities across Library Services. 

Open Days Group 

  • Created a Prospective Students subpage on library website. Beginning to look at how other libraries support recruitment work. 

Campaigns Group 

  • Agreed approach and rationale for supporting communications campaigns. Supported Library Valentines campaign, LGTBQ+ History Month and International Women’s Day. 

Social Media group 

  • Identified a series of discrete projects which can improve library’s social media offering and empower staff across the team tasked with delivering comms. Workstreams include looking at metrics, writing a paper on TikTok and working with the UCL’s Chinese Social Media team. 


At a glance updates from Term 1 (2021-22) 

Most read ‘Library News’ articles 

  1. Library Services During Winter Break 
  2. Books to celebrate Black History Month  
  3. Elsevier Negotiations  

 UCL Libraries in numbers 

  • 88 Tweets sent  
  • 68890 Total impressions  
  • 783 Impressions per tweet 

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If you have any questions about comms, please get in touch with Simon Bralee.