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Flexitime and leave arrangements – MyFlexi now inactive

Bethan Smith4 October 2021

As of October 1st, the MyFlexi system has now been retired. Colleagues will be unable to access the system, with the exception of the Library HR team, and the LibNet pages on leave and absence have been updated with links to MyHR. Clocking in and out on-site was already suspended but has now been formally ended. 

MyHR and Local TOIL Arrangements

Colleagues should now book annual leave via MyHR. A quick guide to applying for annual leave on MyHR is available on LibNet as is a new document explaining how to cancel leave requests. More detailed guides on navigating MyHR are available on the UCL Knowledge Centre (please note you will need to be on the UCL network or VPN in order to access these). 

TOIL should now be managed locally within teams. Colleagues should consider the flexitime guidelines and FAQs available on LibNet when discussing TOIL arrangements.  

Included in the LibNet guidance are Word and Excel templates you may wish to use to log TOIL – please note that these documents are not prescriptive, and you may wish to adapt them, or use your own local documents, for your team’s needs.  

In addition, managers should by now have received a list of any outstanding MyFlexi positive balances accrued within their teams before the MyFlexi system was retired.  

Annual Leave Carry Over 

Any colleagues who did not submit their carry-over requests by 15th September should await confirmation from Library HR before updating their carry-over on MyHR. The system is currently being updated by HR Systems. Instructions on how to add carry-over will be circulated once colleagues can begin the process.

Please note that any colleagues who did submit carry over requests to Library HR by the 15th September will not need to manually add their carry over. It may be the case that your carry over is not currently displaying on MyHR as of the 1st October, but it should be added shortly as the system updates.  

Manager Briefings 

We are continuing to host informal briefing sessions for line managers to answer questions about local implementation of policy. Please contact Bethan Smith to book a place on one of these slots.

The remaining dates and times of the sessions are as follows: 

Thursday 14th October, 14:00 -15:00, led by Martin Moyle and June Hedges 

Friday 22nd October, 11:00 -12:00, led by Martin Moyle and June Hedges

Questions on using MyHR to submit and manage leave requests that are not covered by the UCL Knowledge Centre or LibNet can be addressed to the Library HR Team. Any other questions about the above can be sent to Bethan Smith.