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Access to intranet and blog for all LCCOS staff

By Margaret Stone, on 22 September 2022

LCCOS Intranet

All LCCOS colleagues now have access to the former Library Services intranet, LibNet.  Login is not required on the homepage itself, but is required on all other pages.  This access is an interim measure while a new LCCOS intranet is being developed.  Access is granted (and removed) automatically to all staff in the LCCOS organisational unit and its sub-units.

The site contains information of relevance to all LCCOS colleagues, particularly information and contact points for teams providing HR, Finance, IT and Facilities & Projects services.  Please note that other content on the site may not be widely relevant to all LCCOS colleagues – please bear with any remaining Library Services focus while a new, separate, LCCOS intranet is being developed.    Further information will follow about this project in due course.  The ‘LibNet’ name will be retained during the interim period as it is ‘baked into’ the technology.  If you have any queries about the information on the site, please direct these either to the contact provided in the section in question or via your line manager.

LCCOS Staff News blog

In addition, the former Library Services blog has been widened to include content for the whole of LCCOS in its scope.  This has been renamed ‘LCCOS Staff News’ (though the URL has to remain as /libnet for now).  All LCCOS staff are entitled to post to this channel – for posting access, please contact the LCCOS Web Team.  The purpose of the blog is to provide a channel for all LCCOS staff to communicate with one another on matters of widespread/general interest, in such a way that communications are archived and searchable.  This complements the LCCOS staff mailing list, which is used for time-critical updates.  A wider review of LCCOS internal communications is planned, but meanwhile the blog is not intended to replace existing channels of communication amongst teams and groups within LCCOS, for example existing Microsoft Teams/SharePoint sites/mailing lists.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Providing notification of new blog posts

Library Services colleagues will recall that blog posts were previously notified automatically to the liblist mailing list.  This process was not robust and has therefore been discontinued.  All staff are encouraged to post a short notification manually to the LCCOS staff mailing list when they have published a new blog post.  This email should have a meaningful subject line, a brief (one paragraph max) overview of the topic and a link to the blog post itself.  This way, all colleagues are notified of the information but can revisit it subsequently without having to rely on keeping or retrieving an email.  An example is provided below.

Please note that the blog is public (as UCL blogs cannot be restricted for access), so any restricted information should be stored on LibNet instead and a link provided in the blog post.  For example, in this blog post you will notice that there are no email addresses provided explicitly, to help reduce spam.

Please direct any general queries about access to and use of these services to the LCCOS Web Team who oversee the technology.

Example notification of a new blogpost

To: All LCCOS Staff

From: Margaret Stone

Subject: New process for notification of blog posts

Content: Please note that we have introduced a new process for notifying LCCOS colleagues of new blog posts as they are published.  For more information, please see the new blog post.


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