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Painting of Main Library lobby area

By Phil Watson, on 9 September 2022

We have received an update from the contractors, who are currently carrying out the painting works of the Main Library stairwell.

We have been informed that the first floor lobby space, and lift entrance, by the main doors to the library, now requires painting, fully, including the ceilings and arch at the top of the stairs.

Without impacting on opening hours, this will be carried out in three sections.

On Saturday the 10th September, between 07:00-11:00, while the library is closed, the lift entrance, walls and ceiling on that half of the lobby, will be painted.

Following that, on Sunday the 11th September between 07:00-11:00, while the library is closed, the second half of the lobby will be painted, walls, ceiling, and arch over the stairs.

Then on Monday the 12th & Tuesday the 13th September, the lower skirting and lower walls will be painted, away from the entrance, within the recess areas, including behind the exhibition case, this may occur while the library is open, but it will not impact on the entrance area or the library itself, so opening hours will remain as normal.

These essential works are to assist us in ensuring our library spaces are at the highest level possible and to embrace the student experience.

These works will have no impact on the library or opening hours, but if you do experience any issues, please do contact one of the F&P team and we will be happy to assist you.

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