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Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Fire Alarm Testing

By Collette E M Lawrence, on 25 May 2022

Fire Alarm Testing re-commencing

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team

Following the ending of Covid procedures, UCL is re-introducing weekly fire alarm testing into all buildings. The decision has been taken to reschedule these tests to be conducted on weekdays only and between the hours of 08-00 -11:30hrs. This applies to all UCL managed buildings, if you are an NHS Trust building, or one not managed by UCL, there will be local arrangements for fire alarm testing.

The new Fire Alarm Test schedule will come into effect from Monday, 6th of June 2022. The decision to testing the alarms “in-hours” has been approved by the Estates Health and Safety Committee. One of the reasons is to ensure that students and staff know what the bell sounds like.

The fire alarm test will last no longer than 60 seconds, so students and staff should wait up to 60 seconds before evacuating the space.

Please see list below for Library Services testing schedule and link to the Fire Safety Technical Note – TN062:

UCLFire_TN_062 (WeeklyFireAlarmTesting)-06Jun22.pdf

  • Monday – 0800-1130hrs – DMS Watson Library
  • Monday – 0800-1130hrs – Foster Court
  • Monday – 0800-0930hrs – Institute of Child Health
  • Tuesday – 0800-1130hrs – Institute of Education
  • Tuesday – 0800-1130hrs – Language & Speech Science
  • Tuesday – 0800-1130hrs – Institute of Neurology
  • Tuesday – 0800-1130hrs – School of Pharmacy
  • Wednesday – 0800-1130hrs – Bartlett
  • Wednesday – 0800-1130hrs – Institute of Archaeology
  • Wednesday – 0800-1130hrs – School of Slavonic and East European Studies
  • Thursday – 0800-1130hrs – Main Library/Special Collections(B06)/Graduate Hub
  • Friday – 0730hrs – Ophthalmology
  • Friday – 0800-1130hrs – Student Centre
  • Saturday & Sunday – 0800-0900hrs – Cruciform

If you have any issues or queries regarding this, please contact the Library Facilities & Projects Team at lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk

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