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Appraisal information – Update from January 2022

By Jennifer L Brown, on 7 January 2022

As per previous communications Library Services commenced its appraisal window on 1st December. You may however have seen from the UCL News on 16th December that UCL has now made changes to the appraisal process. If you have started or completed any appraisals prior to this blog you do not need to adopt for these the changes that will be outlined below until the next appraisal round, January to April 2023.

Appraisal Window

Library Services will be adopting UCL’s recommendation that we move to an appraisal window of January to April. Library appraisals should therefore be completed by the end of April 2022.

Appraisal form 

One of two appraisals forms can be used depending upon the role of the appraisee:

Developmental Conversations

The Developmental conversations approach allows for two-way conversation to take place which can enhance the appraisal experience through meaningful goal setting and personal development when using the UCL Appraisal form.

Further information can be found by visiting the guidance and e-learning for Developmental Conversations.

Appraisal Targets

There are four parts to setting Goals, the content of which needs to be agreed between the appraiser and appraisee.

  • Deliver your departments/division’s priorities – UCL recommends 3 goals in this area.
  • Discover your potential – UCL recommends 1 goal for this area.
  • Defer/Discontinue activities that hinder you from achieving your role’s purpose and focus – UCL recommend 1 goal if relevant.
  • Demonstrate how you work effectively – UCL recommends 1 goal.

Further details about goal setting can be found on the UCL HR webpage.


It is advisable that Appraisers familiarise themselves with the UCL Appraisal Policy and complete the following training:

How to manage the appraisal documentation 

  1. The Appraiser and Appraisee should keep a signed copy of the appraisal document, in a confidential file/location, until the subsequent appraisal, when the document should be disposed of confidentially. (If the appraisee leaves the organisation, the paperwork should be disposed of confidentially at that time.)
  2. If revisions to the job description have been agreed during the appraisal process, please send an electronic copy to Library HR at lib-hrteam@ucl.ac.uk.
  3. Managers should record the completion of the appraisal on MyHR using the instructions that can be found via the UCL Knowledge Centre, under “MyHR Manager Self Service” – “My team employment information” – “Create employee performance appraisal“.

LibNet has been updated with the relevant information.

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