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Changes to Absence reporting and Sickness recording

By Jennifer L Brown, on 22 December 2021

There will be changes to how staff report their absences and how sickness will be recorded via MyHR in the future.

Absence reporting:

The process for reporting absences will be changing from immediate effect as follows:

  • Employees and/or managers do not need to inform Library HR on the first day of absence.
  • Employees no longer need to notify Library HR when ill during the day and as a result leaving part way through the day to go home.

New process to take effect immediately:

  • Employees should contact their manager regarding their absence from work, if their line manager is not at work then the next senior manager should be contacted.
  • Employees should remain in contact with their line manager during the course of their absence or the next senior manager if their manager is absent.

Returning to work after sickness:

  • Employees should inform their line manager when they are deemed fit to return to work
  • It is good practice for managers to have return to work meetings with employees as stipulated in previous guidance and UCL’s Sickness Absence Policy.

New process for Sickness Recording

With effect from 1st February 2022 Library HR will cease recording sickness absences on MyHR. Line managers will assume the task of being responsible for the inputting of sickness. Whilst employees have the functionality to update their own sickness records we recommend that the manager does so however, via mutual agreement the employee may record their own absence which the line manager would then be required to approve via the system.

The UCL Knowledge Centre has a 10 minute training session for managers entitled ‘manage employee sickness absence’ which can be found under the ‘My Team’s Absence and time off’ section. It is recommended that managers complete this training prior to the 1st February 2022.

Sickness certification

As a temporary measure the government has specified that for any period of sickness absence which commences on or between 10th December 2021 and 26th January 2022 a doctor fit notes will only be issued after 28 days of absence this is to enable GP’s to have more capacity to focus upon supporting the coronavirus vaccine booster programme.

As an interim measure employee’s should self-certify up to 28 days instead of 7 for the duration of this temporary measure.

Full details of Sickness reporting and Sickness Recording changes coming into effect both now and in February are available on Libnet under the Leave and Absence and MyHR – Information for Library Staff pages.

*Sickness Recording and handling of paperwork will be retained by the Library HR Team until 31st January 2022.

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