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Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Changes to the Post Delivery arrangements for Main, Science & Student Centre

By Collette E M Lawrence, on 26 November 2021

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With effect from Monday 29th November 2021 – Couriers and individual deliveries are no longer allowed to go straight to the building for the central block of campus. For the Library this covers Main, Science and Student Centre only. All deliveries must go via the UCL Post Room at 20 Bedford Way and then be delivered with the post by the Logistics Team. This is a safety measure to reduce the vehicular traffic on central campus. New arrangements have been agreed with Logistics and signed off by the Library Operational Oversight Group.

Please note:

  • For teams that get large, regular deliveries to their offices, these will continue to be delivered to offices as usual. The below applies to normal post, stationery orders and courier deliveries. If you are concerned about deliveries to your team, please contact the Facilities & Projects Team through  lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk
  • For large or one off deliveries that need to go directly to one of these buildings, such as large equipment or book collections, the organiser must ensure the delivering vehicle is booked in via Logistics beforehand, this can be done by the requestor or the company providing the delivery. Any un-booked deliveries will be turned away.


Main library: All deliveries will go to the autosorter room (113C) and be placed on the table provided. Signed for items will be placed on the table and photographed as proof of delivery. The outgoing post sack will also be in this location. The Customer Services Team will sort the post daily and deliver to the correct location within the building. Please note that the pigeonholes will remain in the Kitchen (204) on the second floor.

Science Library: All deliveries will go to the ground floor cupboard (G97A) near the staff lift. The pigeonholes will be moved to this location along with the outgoing post sack. Signed for items will be placed on the table or shelf and photographed as proof of delivery. The cupboard has the same lock as the staff kitchen, so staff will be expected to check their pigeonhole as normal.

Student Centre: All deliveries will go to the staff office (1.02) on the first floor.

If you have any issues or queries regarding this please contact the Library Facilities & Projects Team at lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk


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