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Teams Calling and headsets

By Margaret Stone, on 6 October 2021

Following the recent announcement about Teams Calling, all colleagues who are being set up for external calls should now have received an email from the ISD project with information about the migration over the coming weekend (8-10 October).  After this date, external calls to and from your UCL extension number will be routed through Teams and not through the handset on your desk.  Please note, as outlined in the earlier blogpost above, we will be in touch in due course about the next phases – removal of handsets which are no longer needed, and setup of group call queues for help points and teams where applicable.

Provision of headsets

If you need a headset for telephone calls and other Teams calls/meetings in shared office spaces, please do use the link provided in the Teams Calling email to request a headset from the project.  There is currently a delay in supply of these, but we have been assured that supplies are moving and the delay shouldn’t be too long.  Please only request one headset per person, but obviously you can transport your headset between the office and your home working location, if applicable, for use in both places.  In the meantime, any set of headphones with a microphone, such as those used with mobile phones, will of course work for Teams calls/meetings.

If you are not eligible for a headset from the Teams Calling project, you can request a headset for use in shared office spaces from the Library IT Support team.


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