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Teams Calling to replace desk phones

By Margaret Stone, on 29 September 2021

Library Services as a whole is due to begin the migration from desk phones to Teams Calling during October.  This is part of a UCL-wide project led by ISD, and some site libraries have already been migrated as part of their host department.

The initial change will only affect staff who need to make external calls for work.  They will see an update to their Microsoft Teams software with the addition of a keypad to dial any UK telephone number (or international number if this has been authorised by the line manager).  Managers have provided information on which staff fall into this category, and these staff will shortly be contacted by the ISD project to alert them to the change.  In addition, these staff will be asked if they need a computer headset for work – please take up this offer if you need one.  All other staff who need a headset should contact Library IT Support.

All staff who do not need to make external calls for work should continue to contact UCL colleagues using voice calls on Teams – no dialling required.

Some staff may receive a new telephone number as part of this project, especially where numbers have previously been shared.  You will be advised of your new number if this happens.  For all staff who get a Teams Calling number (old or new), your telephone number will be displayed on the UCL Directory by default, regardless of any previous settings. You can change your directory preferences via the Directory Preferences Self-Service page. The Directory updates each night so your changes will be reflected the next day.

There will be further phases of the project, firstly to introduce group calling (queues) for help points and other teams where relevant, and secondly to remove telephone handsets which will no longer be required.  Managers are working to ensure an adequate number of handsets are retained for emergency purposes at each site, but in general handsets on individual staff desks will be removed.  Finally, after the initial migration, we can always ask for additional/new staff to be enabled for external calls if needed, as this is an ongoing ISD service.

For full information on the project, visit the UCL Teams Calling website.  If you have any questions about the migration, please direct them in the first instance to Library IT Support.

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