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Library website redesign: please send us your feedback

By Robert Drinkall, on 27 July 2021

A project is currently underway to redesign the public Library website, with a particular focus on the homepage and the pages immediately below it (‘layer 2’).

To date, the Web Steering Group has agreed upon a revised homepage with new corresponding layer 2 pages, notably defining new section headings / information groupings which move away from the Students, Staff, NHS and Visitors categories we have at the moment. This approach has since been applied to a sandbox instance of the public website, and we’ve reached out to UCL students for their feedback, which we’re in the process of analysing.

We’d now like to ask you if you can please send us your comments about the redesigned site by completing our web redesign survey, which will be open until 6th August. Details about how to access the sandbox version of the site are included in the survey, and here are a few things to note alongside:

  • Small tweaks to layer 2 pages may still take place, but these will only be minor.
  • Content below the homepage and layer 2 pages has not been changed, and the breadcrumbs / menus will need to be altered before the new site is released.
  • Image selection is still being finalised.

Any feedback you provide will be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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