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SCONUL 20/21

By Sandra I Enwesi, on 7 June 2021

The SCONUL (The Society of College, National and University Libraries) return is an annual insight which provides a detailed picture of the workings of UCL Library Services , allowing us to take stock, plan and benchmark our performance against our peers. In total there are 34 sets of measurements which are reflective of the different areas of the library.

I have collected the stats for the past 9 years and we ( UCL Library Services) have never missed the submission deadline and the timely submission as well as the success of the annual return has been possible because of the collaborative spirit of UCL Library Services staff ,even in the thick of the lockdown last year with many many staff working from home , basking in the joys of home schooling (phew!) , literally taking the phrase “hanging in there” to a whole new level , we still delivered the annual return on time with Zero queries and for this I am very grateful and proud.

This year’s return 20/21 will soon be open and as always I will be collecting promptly, if you provided any stats in the last return but will not be doing so this year please let me know in an email  s.enwesi@ucl.ac.uk and advise who has taken over.

Aggregate figures for the academic year (1 August to 31 July) are generally required. Thank you 

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