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Library Services Staff Conference 2021 – Seeking Lightning Talks Presenters, Video or Digital Poster Contributions

By aanchal.bhatt, on 5 May 2021

A central part of the Library Services Staff Conference is the chance to hear from a wide range of our talented colleagues and share our experiencesDuring what has been a difficult year, one of the things that has become clear (as if we didn’t already know this) is what a creative and talented staff we have in UCL Library ServicesPhotographers, writers, dancers, wildlife experts, gardeners, film and TV enthusiasts… the list goes on. 

So we would like to hear from you, in whatever form you choose, about what has kept you happy or well in lockdown? Have you been able to learn a new skill or improve an existing oneWhat challenges have you overcome, or tasks have you accomplished? Would you like to share your progress or achievements for a particular project? Do you have photos, or stories or poems to shareOr has it been a chance to reflect on your life planHave you decided that when normality resumes, you’re going to start a new interest group to keep connected to colleagues with similar interests? Or would you like to just talk about how you’ve been?  

Well, here is your opportunity. In keeping with the theme of this conference and particularly on reflections and learning outcomes of the past year, we are seeking contributors for the following:  


Lightning Talks

We are looking for 10 colleagues, or small groups working together, to volunteer to present a 5 minute live slot at the conference (14/05/21)In terms of presentation, really anything goes! You can talk, or present slides or sing or whatever you likeWhy not use your talent or skill to help explain your storyPair up, work in a group, go solo, it’s up to you. Please don’t let a lack of technical skills put you offWe have experts on the conferences committee who will help you with all of that. 


Videos or Digital Posters

If you would rather not present live, or might not be available on the day, then we also invite contributions as recorded videos or digital poster presentations. These will be displayed on our dedicated conference site and once again can be as creative as you like! See below for more information on how to format and submit your contribution 


How to submit a video or digital poster

Your video or digital poster will be made available on the Library Staff Conference dedicated web page. Please follow these guidelines: 


  • Videos should be a maximum of 5 minutes and recorded in landscape orientation. 
  • Please submit as a .mp4 or .mov file. 
  • Guidance on creating videos is available at Best practice guidance: library skills videos (Please note, although this guidance is designed for library staff putting together library skills videos, it is applicable to video making in general). 
  • You may like to attend the Library Services Staff Summer School session on ‘Creating videos,’ Thursday 10th June 10.00-12.00. (Details to be announced)

Digital posters 

  • Digital posters should be a single page and may be in landscape or portrait orientation. 
  • Please submit as a PowerPoint file (.ppt or .pptx). 
  • Please do not included embedded multimedia, audio or animations in your PowerPoint slide (if you want to do these, submit as a video instead). 
  • Include your name / team name as author on the poster. 

To make your poster effective:

  • keep text concise and use bullets
  • include images
  • make sure you have a title 
  • make your key message clear


If you would like to volunteer, or have a chat about your ideas and the resources available, please contact Aanchal Bhatt aanchal.bhatt@ucl.ac.uk or Rozz Evans rosalind.evans@ucl.ac.uk by Friday 14th May 2021.


Videos and digital posters are to be submitted to Aanchal Bhatt aanchal.bhatt@ucl.ac.uk and Rozz Evans rosalind.evans@ucl.ac.uk by Friday 2nd July 2021.  


The Library Services Staff Conference will be held on Wednesday 14th July 2021, 1-5pm.

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