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Nature article Ophthalmology 2020 gaining sight for sore eyes

By Debbie Heatlie, on 23 June 2020

Images from the archives of Moorfields Eye Hospital, held in the Joint Library of Ophthalmology and an interview with the librarian, Debbie Heatlie, feature in a Nature article Ophthalmology in 2020 gaining sight for sore eyes.  It is a fascinating read spanning 170 years of eye imaging to improve treatment, from artists’ detailed drawings, over a century ago, to 3D imaging and modelling, used by surgeons to plan operations today, looking forwards to the future of tele-ophthalmology and artificial intelligence.

The article came about because the NIHR Ophthalmology, based at Moorfields, does a great deal of outreach and publicity work to promote research funded by them to improve patient care and they know of our amazing archives.

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    Benjamin Meunier wrote on 26 June 2020:

    Great to see the Joint Library of Ophthalmology’s archives feature in Nature, getting good visibility even while we remain in lockdown! The interview is the only explicit reference to UCL in the article, which reflects just how important the role of the library is in connecting the hospital and institute’s research. Also fascinating to read about the history of the discipline in a few paragraphs spanning the first ophthalmoscope in 1851 to the use of cutting-edge tech in today’s research labs (should it be A-eye?).
    Well done Debbie and colleagues.

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