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MyFlexi – Post Go-live update

By Jennifer L Brown, on 23 January 2020

Whilst we continue to embed MyFlexi, I would like to provide an update regarding some of the frequently asked questions and technical matters raised. 

Q: Why is my annual leave now in hours as a Fulltime member of staff? 

A: Pre golive communication advised staff that in line with changes occurring across UCL with the launch of MyHR, the calculation of all annual leave for staff going forward will be in hours only. 

Q: My clocking swipes do not appear to be registering what should I do? 

 A: We are aware that a small number of sites have reported that their clocking machine does not appear to be registering. Please use the ‘clock now button’ on the Today page within MyFlexi (please refer to the employee manual on libnet) whilst ISD look into this further.  

Q: Why can I see historical exceptions? 

 A: We are working with Crown to establish why this is the case. 

Q: As a manager I can see the clocking requests (e.g. missed clocks) for my staff. Do I need to do anything? 

A: As previously advised, clocking requests will be managed by the Library HR team so you are not required to action these. 


As you can appreciate, we have a large volume of emails at present so please bear with us.  

Thank you for your feedback and patience to date. 

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