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Incident/accident reporting at UCL.

By Noel Forrester, on 21 October 2019

Since January 2011, it is mandatory at UCL that all accidents, incidents and near misses are reported via the on-line tool RiskNET. Anyone can report the incident or accident including the individual involved, the individual’s line manager, a witness or First Aider.

The RiskNET on-line incident reporting system uses the following incident types.

Incident Type Description.

  • Work-related Injury Incident resulting in an injury to a member of staff or student (other than undergraduate) Student Injury Incident resulting in an injury to an undergraduate student.
  • Violence at Work Incidents which involve actual or threatened violence to staff or students on UCL premises or while on UCL ‘business’. Recreational/ Sporting Accident Incidents including injuries to people not taking part in ‘work’ including incidents in Residences.
  • Taken Ill at Work Includes reports of staff/students who suffer acute onset of illness at work. It does not cover staff who leave work due to minor illness such as colds. NB Staff absence due to illness must be reported using the sickness absence recording procedures (see HR website).
  • Road Traffic Accident Road traffic accident (RTAs) whilst travelling on UCL business or in UCL vehicles NB Does not include RTAs while travelling to and from work.
  • Damage or Loss Incidents resulting in damage to equipment or loss of resources including lost time NB This does not include theft which should be reported to Security.
  • Hazard Observation of an unsafe condition or activity that could result in injury or loss. Near Miss an incident that caused no injury or loss but which had the potential to cause harm.
  • Fire Incident An incident involving a real fire or activation of the fire alarm or use of a fire extinguisher or any injury resulting from a fire Pollution Incident Incidents involving actual or potential (i.e. near miss) pollution, contamination or damage to air, land, water, flora, fauna and aquatic species. This includes exceeding environmental permit or external reporting requirements and notifications from environmental regulatory bodies.

I would like to remind all staff of the importance to immediately report any accidents or incidents, especially near misses or hazard observations. All reports submitted are confidential and fully investigated by Safety Services and the Library Services Departmental Safety Officer to:

  • Ensure action is taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Meet statutory requirements.
  • Help monitor and improve health and safety performance.
  •  Provide information for responding to claims made against UCL.
  •  Enable UCL to respond quickly and accurately to external enquiries

If you have any doubt about reporting an incident or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. For more information on RiskNet and Health and Safety at UCL, see http./www.ucl.ac.uk/safety-services/risknet


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