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Digital library service changes for library users

By Margaret Stone, on 28 August 2018

Alongside the Alma project, there are some imminent changes which affect library users, which I’d like to summarise here.  Communications through our web interfaces have begun and will continue over the next few weeks.  If you have any queries, please contact the Digital Libraries Team on their usual address.

Changes to loan periods and loan allowances

These will be communicated on the existing public web pages on Monday 3 September.  Details are available in the LibNet Alma FAQ.  Please check in particular those FAQ marked NEW or UPDATED.

Service outages on 3 and 4 September (e.g. no self service, no laptop loans, no access to MyAccount).

A news item will be published on the library website in the week commencing 27 August.

Move to new Explore interface

New mobile-friendly interface, pointing to Alma, will go live on 5 September.  A news item about the new Explore interface was published on 24 August.

Change to databases page

The databases interface will contain the same information but be provided by LibGuides rather than MetaLib.  Scheduled for switchover on 3 September.  No change to existing URLs.  Public information on MetaLib replacement is available.

Move from SFX to Explore services

SFX links from third-party databases are being updated with links to an integrated Explore service.  SFX links will continue to work for a few months, to provide continuity.  Described in the news item about Explore from 24 August.

Changes to Explore login, including new passwords for non-UCL library members

Login to the new Explore interface will change from 5 September.  Details are available in the LibNet Alma FAQ.

Changes to library accounts for UCL members with multiple UCL statuses

Alma will merge library accounts into one, for UCL members who have multiple statuses, e.g. are both staff and student.  Users will receive the highest privilege level, and will be able to use any of their UCL identities to access their single account (userid for Explore and barcode for self-service).  If any issues arise, please refer the user to the library Membership team in the first instance.

Changes to study space bookings pages

The current study space booking system, which is based on Aleph, will be closed down on Friday 31 August.  We are working with ISD on the replacement system, but there is a chance it may not be fully functional from 3 September.  In that case, study spaces will be available as first-come, first-served, and the existing web address will show the information about study spaces without any booking links.

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