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Introducing WHEN | The network for all Women working in Higher Education

By Grazia Manzotti, on 12 February 2018

Dear Colleagues,

The Library DEOLOs would like to draw your attention to the arrival of WHEN, the UK’s first and only network for all women working in Higher Education (HE).

WHEN is about speeding  up gender equality. They will do this by providing a space for all women to unite. Experiences will be shared, stories told and careers propelled as they explore and optimise what unites us and differentiates us as women in HE.

As well as opening up to accept new members, they are hosting our inaugural conference on 27th March: Eliminating the Gender Pay Gap in Higher Education.

Their hope is   that we will be able to connect and support you, either by welcoming you as a member of WHEN or enabling you to sign up your female colleagues as members of WHEN.

Please support WHEN by signing up: full membership details can be found here and spreading the message about WHEN’s arrival, you could forward this email, or share the following message:

WHEN: Women’s Higher Education Network is speeding up Gender Equality in Higher Education. We are all different, but we share a unique set of challenges. WHEN recognises and celebrates our differences, bringing women together to build connections, share stories, exchange ideas and to learn from and with peers from across the whole sector. Whatever your role and story, if you are a woman and you work in higher education then we are stronger together. Find out more about our network and our inaugural conference here: WWW.WHENEQUALITY.ORG

If you would like to find out more about their  network, please visit their  website, follow them on Twitter, or get in touch with any one of them  via their team email.

Speeding up gender equality in higher education. If not now, WHEN.

Contact details

The WHEN team

Best Wishes

Grazia Manzotti and Breege Whiten  (Library DEOLOs )

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