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Pro-Vice-Provost’s View

By Paul Ayris, on 10 November 2017

PRES survey results (2017)

PRES, the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey, is the national survey co-ordinated by the national body for improving teaching and learning in Universities, the Higher Education Academy. The survey is a chance for our research student community to provide us with feedback on their experience and allows UCL to benchmark against the wider HE sector.

Portico green lightPRES 2017 was open at UCL from mid-February until mid-May. It is important that we know what postgraduate researchers think so we can address issues and keep doing what is valued. The full results of the survey can be seen here.

Question 4_3_a relates to the Library: There is adequate provision of library facilities (including physical and online). 87% of the respondents agreed with this statement, compared to 88% in 2015. This is a remarkably consistent performance by UCL Library Services and the scores represent one of the highest as regards answers to the top-level PRES questions.

At its meeting yesterday, the Library’s SMT agreed to establish a Survey Response Team – to give additional focus to the way the Library responds to national and institutional surveys. Survey data is increasingly important as it represents an assessment of the value which students assign to their experiences whilst at UCL. The Library’s 87% score in the 2017 PRES is very good indeed, but the target for all such scores for the Library should be 90%.

Congratulations to all colleagues who contribute to the student experience in UCL and support our students in London’s Global University.

Paul Ayris


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