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Changes to ISD ‘MyAccount’ password services

By Margaret Stone, on 28 September 2016

Desktop@UCL screenshot 1Over the next few weeks, substantial changes will be made to the arrangements for resetting forgotten or expired passwords for UCL computing accounts.

Firstly, the option to reset a password by obtaining a token from a departmental computer rep will be removed.  Instead, you will need to register your mobile phone number with the MyAccount service, so that it can be used for issuing a code directly to your phone in the event that you forget your password or it expires.  This has the benefit that forgotten/expired passwords can be reset at any time, even during UCL closure periods.  Regular password changing is unaffected.

I will notify you when the new service becomes available, and at that point you should register your number.  If you need to reset a forgotten/expired password in future and have not registered a phone number, you will need to visit the ISD Service Desk in person.

Secondly, you will be able to set a longer password (up to 30 characters) and the stronger your password, the longer you can keep it for.

Role accounts are included in these changes.  Owners can register a phone number against these in the same way.

For full information, see the MyAccount FAQs.

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