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24/7 feedback boards, cross-library ‘User Experience’ (UX) feedback project

By Breege Whiten, on 29 April 2016

24/7 feedback boards, cross-library ‘User Experience’ (UX) feedback project
Over the next week we will be running a cross-library feedback project, collecting user thoughts on 24/7 opening . Fiona Whelan (our resident graduate trainee working on Customer Service Excellence) is trialling the concept of “speaking walls” by placing three large boards in the Main and Science Libraries and Cruciform Hub. Users will be asked to provide feedback on customised post-it notes about 24/7 opening times in Main, Science, and Cruciform. They have recently just gone “live”:

However, as this is a cross-library project a poster with the same banner and space for users to write has been sent to all UCL Libraries to display. In addition, there will shortly be a poll on 24/7 opening on the main Library webpage and various Twitter polls taking place over the next week.
If this method of UX proves to be successful, these boards can be adapted to ask for different types of feedback in the future. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fiona, f.whelan@ucl.ac.uk

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    Benjamin Meunier wrote on 29 April 2016:

    The boards are proving extremely popular within the first few hours of installation. A tremendous number of positive messages are being posted about 24/7 opening… This type of feedback gathering within our libraries is something which the Students’ Union are supportive of, as a means of capturing immediate thoughts from students without needing to complete more online surveys. It fits entirely within the scope of our ongoing work towards Customer Service Excellence.

    I look forward to seeing the results of this project – well done to Fiona and colleagues involved in this UX pilot!

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    User voices in the library - listening to users to create better services - Artefacto – Digital Agency wrote on 13 July 2021:

    […] There are lots of great examples of ways that libraries are embedding feedback from users into services. For example, Feedback walls like these used in UCL Libraries. […]

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