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Wilkins Terrace and new Student Centre construction update – noisy works near Main Library

By Sarah Custard, on 18 February 2016

You may be interested in the progress being made on the new UCL Wilkins Terrace project and the construction works expected to cause noise disruption in the Main Library.  If so, please read on. I’m also including a look ahead at the construction of the new Student Centre, which will be starting in close proximity to the Main Library within the next month.

Wilkins Terrace Project

Steelworks for the new terrace – noisy works near Main Library

Installation of the first phase of steel decking for the new terrace is continuing despite some delays and is near to completion. Some noise is anticipated in the Main Library from works to install steel reinforcement mesh, which are to commence shortly.  Construction staff working on site will be walking across the metal decking and laying the metal rebar mesh, which may be noisy.


Installing the steel decking for the new terrace

To form the new floors of the terrace concrete will be pumped onto the steel decking. This potentially noisy work is to begin on February 19.th You may notice that a large concrete pump will appear in the area of the old Physics Yard, which will be serviced by a large number of lorries delivering concrete.



The terrace structure is currently expected to be installed by the end of February.


Tunnel A – noisy works near Main Library

Works on service ‘Tunnel A’ are still on target to complete at the end of February, and the completion of the service tunnel will allow for preparatory works on the site of the new Student Centre.

A section of the works on service ‘Tunnel A’

A section of the works on service ‘Tunnel A’

Removal of remaining ground obstructions is near completion and the pouring of the tunnel’s concrete floor and walls has begun. These works, which are at times noisy, will be continuing near the Main Library throughout the day, and in order to meet the end of February deadline noisy works may occur late into the evening and at weekends.


To mitigate this noise disruption acoustic panels have been installed by the contractor around the Tunnel A works.





New Student Centre construction to start late February

Construction of UCL’s new 1,000 seat Student Centre, set to open to students in 2018, will begin in late February with works to prepare the construction site.

New UCL Student Centre

New UCL Student Centre

Initial works

From 22nd February the ‘Beach site shared welfare cabins’ close to the Gordon Street exit will be removed and the contractors MACE will begin scaffolding the Node in preparation for demolition. This will be in addition to constructing their on-site accommodation.  Demolition of the Node is expected to begin around the 3rd week of March.


Noise and disruption in the Main Library

The demolition works are expected cause disruption in the Main Library due to the noise and vibration created by the demolition process. The contractors will be working closely with UCL to minimise the noise and vibration created during the demolition of the Node, and during later works in the construction phase.  Noise mitigation measures will be similar to those adopted for construction of the Wilkins Terrace.

Gordon Street exit/access

During the works the current access road from Gordon Street will be maintained until a new temporary road is created. The current access road from Gordon Street will be for emergency access.  Discussion is currently taking place regarding delivery and other access.  An update will follow.

Alternative quiet study areas

The where to study pages of the Library website will be providing information about alternative quiet study areas during the construction works.  These pages can assist users find quiet library study space.  The UCL Senate House Hub continues to provide additional study space well away from the construction activities mentioned.

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