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Appraisal Guidance for Staff and Managers

By ucylain, on 11 February 2016

Dear colleagues,

We are well into the appraisal season where staff and managers are reviewing individual achievements of the past year as well as planning objectives for the coming year.

The appraisal process along with supplementary documentation is located within the Appraisal, Review and Development Scheme page on LibNet.

However, some queries have been raised where both staff and managers are unsure how to undertake the appraisals specifically during the current restructure of Library Services, as well as have general queries on the process.

Below are some FAQs that may help you:

Do I need to review last year’s appraisal when completing this year’s appraisal?
Yes, both staff and managers need to review the previous year’s objectives (part B) in terms of completion and level of achievement. You will also need to review the learning needs previously identified (part C) and state whether the learning events were undertaken and assess the impact on the Appraisee’s overall performance.

Are temporary agency staff or staff on fixed term contracts eligible for an appraisal?
As temporary staff are not employees of UCL Library Services, they are not required to undertake the appraisal process.  Other exceptions are colleagues who are still completing their probation periods, or those on long term leave from December-March (e.g. maternity, sickness, unpaid leave).

I do not have a copy of my staff member’s previous appraisal. Can I ask them for a copy?
Yes, you can request a copy from your staff member or request a copy from your designated Personnel Administrator from the Library Services Personnel Team.

My role is changing in the restructure, how can I plan objectives to my staff?
Both staff and managers can review the previous year’s achievements – Parts A and B – as it is an assessment of the year’s performance. In terms of objective setting and training needs, Appraisers are required to continue to establish objectives that are to be completed with the next 6-12 months. The appraisal will be revisited in terms of objectives and performance for staff within their new role. In many cases, there are minor changes to the roles within the restructure so future planning should not vary greatly from present planning.

Where can I find guidance on objective setting as well as identifying training needs?
Guidance on setting appraisal objectives is available.

Visit Organisational Development’s website for guidance on training events.

Explicit links should be made during the appraisal between individual staff targets and strategic Key Performance Action objectives. As part of the ongoing work under the Staff Equality and Diversity KPA, all managers are asked to ensure their team members have completed the UCL online Diversity in the Workplace training within the last three years, if it has not been completed in the last three years, please make this an appraisal training objective in 2016/17.

Feel free to contact your designated Personnel Administrator for further support and guidance, as well as visit Library Services Co-ordination of Apprsaisals web page.

I’ve been in post less than one year, do I need an appraisal?
Yes, you need to complete part A in terms of what you have achieved to date. You will need objectives setting for the year to come. If you are a manger of a staff member with less than one year’s service, it is advisable to go through the appraisal process with them in advance to ensure they understand their responsibilities in completing part A.

When does the appraisal need to be completed by?
Please submit your appraisal document to the Personnel Office once it is agreed by both Appraisee and Appraiser no later than 31 March 2016.

What happens to my appraisal when it reaches the Personnel Office?
Parts A and B of the appraisal document are filed in your Personnel file. The training needs identified in the part C section are collated and form a training and development plan for Library Services.

What if I disagree with the content of my appraisal?
It is recommended to discuss any outstanding issues during the appraisal discussion and there should not be any ‘surprises’ when the appraisal document is written. However, should a disagreement arise over parts B or C, it is advisable to discuss the content with the Appraiser before signing and agreeing to the appraisal document. In the event that a disagreement remains, part D is to be completed detailing the Appraisee’s concerns. This form will be reviewed with the Appraiser’s line manager and follow up where necessary.

I have a question, but it’s not listed here…
Please contact your Group Personnel Administrator in the first instance for support and guidance regarding the appraisal process.

Very best wishes,
Margareth and the Library Personnel Team

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