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Research Grid in the Science Library opening to graduate students

By Sarah Custard, on 27 January 2016

The refurbishment works on the 4th floor of the Science Library have finished and the brand new 74-seat Research Grid for graduate students officially opens on 1st February.

Minor snagging works are taking place in the next few days, however the space is now accessible so please feel free to pop up and have a look.

The new space is, honestly, fantastic and if you come across any graduate students looking for a place to study, whether it is for a group project, a meeting or for private study, please just point them in the direction of the new space on the 4th floor.

Here’s a quick look at the new study space.  Thanks to library Publicity for providing the images.


One Response to “Research Grid in the Science Library opening to graduate students”

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    Naser Khan wrote on 28 January 2016:

    I can’t wait to submit my coursework from this place. 🙂

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