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Wilkins Terrace project – noisy works near Main Library update

By Sarah Custard, on 19 January 2016

The steel decking for the new Wilkins Terrace will be installed on site from 25th January.   As the steel decking needs to be cut and fixed it is anticipated that these steelworks will cause some noise disruption.  Areas of the Main Library expected to be most affected by noise are the Donaldson and the Romance Languages reading rooms.

The new steel decking is being installed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 will commence 25th January 16 and will last approximately 1 week
  • Phase 2 will commence mid Feb 16 and will last approximately 2  weeks

The contractor will be taking measures to minimise the disruption caused by these works, installing sound barriers across the site to dampen down noise levels.

Wilkins Terrace, 'Transforming UCL'

Wilkins Terrace, ‘Transforming UCL’

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