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Off-site Working-New Guidance

By Jay Woodhouse, on 10 July 2015

UCL Safety Services have changed the guidance for Off-site Working, with the previous Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) for Fieldwork being withdrawn.

The scope of the guidance has been expanded to encompass more than just fieldwork and is now likely to cover some activities within Library Services that were not previously within the scope of the Fieldwork ACOP.

The new guidance covers Meetings & Conferences, Hosted Research, Work Placements, Home Visits and Fieldwork, or any work undertaken on a site not owned or leased by UCL.

All staff working away from a UCL site should view the guidance and undertake the action suggested, including a risk assessment, if required.

Off-site Working Guidance can be found at the following link:


A new role of Off-site Work Co-ordinator has been created. Library Services is reviewing our activities in this area and is likely to appoint this role in due course.

Off-site Work Co-ordinator responsibilities can be found at the following link:


For more information or support please contact me directly.

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