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Outlook Calendar permissions

By Margaret Stone, on 6 February 2015

Recently-received information from ISD:

To allow library colleagues across all sites to view your Outlook calendar entries in full, to facilitate meeting arrangements, it is necessary to add three distinct groups to your permissions.  This is because IOE and Institute of Neurology colleagues are not added automatically to the all-library group.  Steps are as follows:

  1. In Outlook calendar, open ‘Calendar Permissions’ from the toolbar
  2. Open ‘Permissions’ tab and click ‘Add…’
  3. Search for ‘=Library.SG.All’ and click ‘Add->’ then search for ‘=IoN.SG.LibraryStaff’ and click ‘Add->’, then search for ‘=IOE.SG.LibraryStaff’ and click ‘Add->’
  4. Click on each of these three entries in your list of permissions, and change the ‘Permission level’ to ‘Reviewer’ to enable colleagues to view your entries (and not just Free/Busy Time).  You can see the levels of permission associated with this profile in the boxes below the ‘Permission level’ field.
  5. Click on ‘OK’ to apply.

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