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UCL Institute of Education

By Paul Ayris, on 19 December 2014

As colleagues will know, the Institute of Education merged with UCL on 2 December to form the UCL Institute of Education.

2015 will see a great deal of activity as colleagues across UCL Library Services seek to align the two service offerings. The accompanying WORD document details 8 Working Groups which have been established to look in detail at all aspects of library service provision. These are in the following areas:

  • User/Reader Group
  • Technical/IT Services Group
  • Academic Support Group
  • Archives, Special Collections and Records Group
  • Bibliographic Services Group
  • Strategy and Planning Group
  • Space Management/Health and Safety Group
  • Research Support Group

These Groups will meet between January and June 2015 and consider the questions listed in the Work Required column. It is up to each Group to arrange their meetings and to agree 2 co-chairs and a secretary to oversee and record the discussions. Each Group will need to send me a 1-page report each month so that we can report on progress to the UCL-IOE Merger Operations Group.

The output from the Working Groups will be a consolidated Report, outlining Next Steps, which I will compile based on the findings and recommendations of each of the Working Groups.

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